Uganda Hunting Guide

Use the guide below to help you plan your hunting trip to Uganda.

Hunting in Uganda

Hunting in Uganda

General Information

The Republic of Uganda is a country in Eastern and Central Africa bordered in by Kenya, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania. Uganda lies almost completely within the Nile basin and although generally equatorial, Uganda’s climate is not uniform as the altitude modifies the climate. However, temperatures rarely climb to the 35 degrees Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit) mark during the day or drop to 5 degrees Celsius (40 degree Fahrenheit) at night. Our hunting season is from January through November. It rains all year round with slightly more rain on average in April-June and November. The best time to hunt Buffalo and Hartebeest is during the months of December to end of April. After that the grass is too high and hunting buffalo becomes challenging. All other species may be hunted year round. Our areas hold the highest density of Sitatunga anywhere in Africa and these safaris are undertaken in the Kafu River Basin and in the papyrus belts along the banks of River Nile.

Firearms and Ammunition

Each hunter is allowed to bring two rifles to Uganda. There is no stipulated maximum amount of ammunition permitted into Uganda, however this will be restricted by airline regulation (usually 11 pounds). A good combination would be 60 rounds for a light rifle and 20 softs and 20 solids for a heavy rifle. Handguns, semi-automatic or automatic firearms are prohibited. Silencers are not permitted for hunting. We recommend a .270 – .300 for most species and a .375 – .416 for buffalo. Should a hunter wish to not bring his/her own rifle on the safari, there are camp rifles and ammunition available for their use at an additional cost. Please confirm the costs and rifle model when booking the hunt.

Permits and Licences

All sport hunters entering Uganda have to obtain a hunting license and a rifle import permit prior to their arrival. A daily conservation fee of US$100.00 per hunter per day and US$ 40 per non-hunter per day are charged by the authorities. These and the cost of two rifles and ammunition importation is included in the total safari package under ‘royalties’.

Preparation for your Trip

Preparation for your Trip

Below is a packing list to get you prepared for your Ugandan safari:

  • 3 x T-shirts
  • 2 x Long sleeve shirts (Khaki or olive green)
  • 1 x Sweatshirt / fleece
  • 2 x Pairs of comfortable shorts
  • 2 x Pairs of cotton trousers / pants (Khaki or olive green)
  • 4 x Pairs of socks and underwear
  • 1 x Belt
  • Hat / cap
  • Swimsuit
  • Raincoat or waterproof jacket
  • Rubber boots and hunting waders
  • Lightweight, durable, waterproof hiking shoes / boots
  • Flip flops, sandals or Teva’s for around camp
  • Personal documentation: passport, airline tickets, rifle import documentation, invitation letters, emergency contact list and copies of all documents.
  • Personal items: cash, toiletries, sunglasses, reading glasses, any prescribed medication (if applicable), sunscreen, cellphone and iPad charger, power adapter (Local power 220V) and leisure reading books.
  • Hunting gear: camera, knife, ammo belt, binoculars, telescope, hunting backpack, flashlight, hunting gaiters or leggings and insect repellent (Skin so Soft by Avon is recommended)
  • Malaria prophylaxis


Port of Entry

The main port of entry for international flights to Uganda is Entebbe International Airport (EBB). Major airlines that fly here are KLM, South African Airways, Emirates, Turkish Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines. KLM also cooperates with Air France, Kenya Airways, and Northwest Airlines which allows one to connect to Entebbe from Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro or Nairobi.

Travel Agent

It is advisable to make use of a travel agent when booking your international flights to Africa. Miriam Clingensmith at Frosch travel agency can assist with any flight bookings ( / +1 713-590-8138). She is also available to meet in person at the DSC and SCI shows.

Entry and Visa Requirements

A passport valid for at least six months after your arrival and with some blank pages is mandatory. U.S. citizens and citizens of the European Union may obtain a visa in advance or purchase one upon arrival at Entebbe. Online visa applications can be done via A valid and updated 10-year yellow fever vaccination certificate is needed for all travellers.

Health and Travel Insurance

It is important to note that all hunting safaris are potentially dangerous and it is each client’s own responsibility to arrange his/her medical, evacuation or personal insurance. We recommend Ripcord Comprehensive Travel Protection ( as a preferred travel insurer.

Travelling with Firearms

It is advisable to take out full insurance for all firearms before travelling anywhere in Africa. Ensure that your ammunition is in a separate lockable container from your rifle. Application for a firearm import permit for Uganda must be made in advance and there is a fee charged to obtain the firearm permit which is included under royalties. The permits are e-mailed to the hunter so he may make a copy and carry it with him on arrival in Uganda. On arrival, the firearms, ammunition and Temporary Import Permit are presented to the Police Officer at the airport, who then issues the Temporary Licence. Clients visiting or travelling through South Africa (depending on the airline in-transit regulations), will need to complete a South Africa Firearms Permit Application Form (SAPS 520) and obtain the permit prior to their arrival. Please check with your travel agent or airline about the transit procedure when travelling through South Africa. For more information please see our Travelling with firearms South African section.

Experience Africa

Our continent is known for rich and colourful cultures, friendly people, exhilarating adventures and breath-taking natural beauty. Chapungu-Kambako Safaris can assist in arranging some additional sightseeing, interesting excursions or alternative activities for our travellers and observers.

Preparation of Trophies

Preparation of Trophies

Field preparation, dip and pack, export documents & permits are included in your safari package under “Royalties”. The actual shipping costs from Uganda to the final destination (taxidermist and/or importing agent) are additional expenses.



A gratuity is a gift of appreciation for services provided. They can be given to staff members at the hunter’s own discretion. We can provide a proposed gratuity list as guideline should it be required.

Health Issues

Health Issues

Malaria risk is high throughout the year in all areas and including the main towns of Uganda. We advise to take malaria prophylaxis before departing to that area. Adequate clothing and mosquito repellent are important to minimize mosquito bites. Each hunter should also bring a small personal medical kit with necessary preferred medication for headaches, colds, burns, allergies etc.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

All Uganda safaris booked through and conducted by Chapungu-Kambako Safaris and/or Uganda Wildlife Safaris Ltd. are based on the following terms and conditions: (Please see the Safari Price List and Contract for the detailed Terms and Conditions).

Booking and Payment

Safaris are booked and confirmed only upon receipt of a 50% non-refundable deposit of the basic safari rate or the listed payment schedule in the safari information sheet. There shall be no binding contract until the deposit has been made. Failure to remit your deposit on time may result in an automatic release of the confirmed space and /or time of your safari. When Uganda Wildlife Safaris Ltd. receipts in writing of the deposit to you, it shall be deemed to constitute acceptance and confirmation of the reservation. All payments are to be in US$. Personal checks will be accepted for initial deposits only. The balance of the daily rate or package price is to be paid ninety (90) days before commencement of your safari.

Cancellation Policy

If Uganda Wildlife Safaris Ltd. cancels or delays a trip, or the trip is interrupted while in progress, the following provisions will occur due to the difficulties of operating in Africa: A delayed trip due to transportation company rescheduling or inability to operate, equipment breakdowns, strikes, weather, lost luggage, lost guns, revolt, coup, terrorist act, African government changes, war, rebel incursions, embargos, no fuel available or acts of God do not constitute a cancellation by Uganda Wildlife Safaris Ltd. but rather a delay in the trip and the client agrees to accept a credit towards a future trip operated by Uganda Wildlife Safaris Ltd. at the same location or another location owned/operated by Uganda Wildlife Safaris Ltd. Any extra expenses incurred by the participant, such as extra hotel, taxi, food, laundry, tips, liquor, water, airline penalties, airline tickets, Charter costs, pre-trip costs such as visa costs, cost of leaving your home, special purchases for the trip, lost vacation time or other damages due to a delayed trip, trip interrupted while in progress for any reason, or failure of a supplier in Africa to honour arrangements, will not be credited or cash refunded to the participant.


It must be noted that hunting is a dangerous vocation and although Chapungu-Kambako Safaris and Uganda Wildlife Safaris Ltd. are committed to your safety, comfort and enjoyment, we can not be held responsible for any accidents, illness or death that may occur whilst on the safari.