Litule Camp, Niassa Reserve Scenery
Litule Camp, Niassa Reserve Scenery
Litule Camp, Niassa Reserve Accommodation
Litule Camp, Niassa Reserve Campfire

Litule Camp, Niassa Reserve

Situated in the north east of the Niassa National Reserve, this camp boasts over 31 miles of Lugenda River frontage and the same again along the Rovuma River, which forms the border with Tanzania.

Game can be seen all day long coming down to quench their thirst in the cool perennial water that originates over 300 miles away in the mountains in the west, close to the Malawi border.

Litule camp is situated on this riverbank amongst Baobabs, large leaf chestnuts and fig trees. The sounds of the cheerful birds are heard all day long and at the end of the days’ hunting you have the luxury of retiring into the comfortable safari canvas tents.

These three en-suite tents each fitted with a queen size bed, and the open air dining and lounge area have a spectacular 3 mile view up the Lugenda River.

Power is supplied via a generator and when the latter is switched off, via 12-volt batteries’. Access into Litule is by charter plane from Pemba and you land right at camp on a grass airstrip.

Litule Camp Facts

  • Size1,730,000 acres
  • TerrainMiombo forests, riverine, granite mountains and grasslands
  • AccessibilityPrivate air charter from Pemba International Airport (POL)
  • Own aircraft and dirt airstrip
  • AccommodationPermanent canvas en-suite tents, electricity, Internet and all guest amenities
  • Malaria Area

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