Kambako Camp, Niassa Reserve Scenery
Kambako Camp, Niassa Reserve Interior
Kambako Camp, Niassa Reserve Sunset
Kambako Camp, Niassa Reserve Lodge

Kambako Camp, Niassa Reserve

Within the unspoiled, pristine Miombo woodlands of the Niassa Reserve.

Our western boundary for 36 miles is the meandering Lugenda River, the main lifeblood of the region. All animals make their way here in the drier months of the year.

The main camp is superbly located high up on this river’s banks. With the most amazing views towards the west, Kambako camp offers luxurious under thatch air-conditioned lodges with en-suite bathrooms, an open-air bar, lounge and dining area, graced with a superb infinity pool for your leisure. The camp has broadband Internet and satellite TV (upon request).

There are several international and domestic commercial flights to Pemba from where you will be escorted through to your private 1 hour charter flight to camp. The sheer beauty and magnitude of the granite mountains, towering over the Miombo forests, open grasslands, bamboo thickets, floodplains and riverine forests and the mind-boggling diversity of this biosphere is unequalled on the African Continent.

This visual symphony, together with the cultural richness of the area and the humble and friendly nature of the local people, will ensure a trip of a lifetime.

Kambako Camp Facts

  • Size1,730,000 acres
  • TerrainMiombo forests, riverine, granite mountains and grasslands
  • AccessibilityPrivate air charter from Pemba International Airport (POL)
  • Own aircraft and dirt airstrip
  • AccommodationPermanent thatched en-suite chalets, aircon, Internet, TV, pool and all guest amenities
  • Malaria Area

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